Theatre of War

Theatre of War Publicity Image

From the 22nd-24th January, 2015, The Abbey Theatre presented The Theatre of War Symposium.

TThis followed the successful ‘Theatre of memory’ symposium held in January 2014. The 2015 symposium was be a unique gathering of artists, journalists and academics discussing the world’s most troubling conflicts from a global, contemporary and historical perspective. Theatre artists from Burundi, Columbia, Syria, Palestine, Rwanda, Ireland and the United Kingdom were invited to discuss the challenges of artists responding to conflict. Participants and speakers included: Marina CarrPatrick Cockburn, David Cotterrell, Anne Dolan, Ruwanthie de Chickera, Frédérique LeComte, Luke Gibbons, Declan Kiberd, Dijana Milošević, Conall Morrison, John Scott, Gauri Viswanathan, Naomi Wallace, Padraig Yeates, and Amir Nizar Zuabi

This extraordinary event laid the foundations for the formation of Empathy & Risk. Both Ruwanthie de Chickera and David Cotterrell arrived independently to provide reflections on the impact of War and Peace in their different landscape and cultures. Through the conference, the possibility of points of shared interest and perhaps a collaborative enquiry was considered for the first time.