Cancelled Arts Programme

The CANCELLED Arts Programme was devised as a five strand curated intervention to the first World Conference on Statelessness and brought together a global community of over 70 artists willing, and committed, to address the issues of statelessness through their continued practice.

At the invitation of the Institute of Statelessness and Inclusion, Empathy & Risk took on the challenge of encouraging artists, academics and activists to engage deeper with each other’s work, to draw actively from each other’s experience, to reveal new perspectives on familiar challenges.

The CANCELLED Arts Programme was curated to enable conference delegates to encounter artwork on statelessness that was both seminal as well as ephemeral, archival as well as contemporary. Delegates were introduced to new artwork and offered insights into the processes behind creating this work. There were opportunities for activists and artists to engage with each other on key panels and for conference delegates to understand the work of local artists, working on issues of statelessness in The Hague.

The CANCELLED Arts Programme was realised in five components :

  • CANCELLED Platform – New artwork created by research-led artists informed through conversations with academics/activists participating in the conference. 
  • CANCELLED Archive – A collection of seminal artworks on Statelessness sourced from artists working around the world.  Available on a virtual platform and featured within the conference.
  • CANCELLED Experiment – A series of discrete artist interventions challenging the structure, process and programming of the conference.
  • CANCELLED Dialogues – A series of panels, platforms and forums for artists to engage with interdisciplinary discussions and debates on the subject of Statelessness. 
  • CANCELLED Bridge – A curated series of art-related events on Statelessness connecting the closed conference to the city of The Hague and vice versa.