Reversed Images

Reversed Images : Brexit at Danielle Arnaud Gallery

Reverse Images : Brexit (2019) considers the evolving meaning of evidence. The installation involves the presentation of one of Getty Images’ most syndicated images of the polarising referendum campaign – the image of Boris Johnson speaking in front of his pledge, promise or aspiration to return £350M per week from the EU to the NHS. The exhibit features extracts from over 100 articles that claimed the same image as their evidence for diverse and divergent editorial comment. The continuous referencing and recontextualization of this image has reflected the anguish and anger of a contemporary struggle for truth. The exhibition provides an audio snapshot of a Machiavellian narrative of manipulation and populism.

The 100 articles were read by a range of actors. The audio files were stored on an IP streaming device with custom firmware triggered randomly as the audience lifted one of the four museum speakers to their ear.

Installation View
Work in Progress


IP-based audio streaming device, custom electronics, triggering devices, museum audio headsets, giclée print on aluminium, MDF housing.


  • Artist: David Cotterrell,
  • Research & Support: Ruwanthie de Chickera
  • Voice Actors: Emily Kate Dixon, Manwah Siu, Simon Kunz, Caroline Loncq, Vaughan Smith, Kimberly Reczek