Zain Al Sharaf Wahbeh

Zain Al Sharaf Wahbeh

Researcher / Designer
United Kingdom

Zain Al Sharaf Wahbeh is an artist who is part of our Screening Room Programme.


Born in Jordan and raised in the United Arab Emirates, Zain is a London-based Palestinian researcher and designer, who is carrying out her postgraduate degree in Architecture at the Royal College of Art (RCA).
Since her enrolment at the RCA, Zain has actively confronted the dissolution of the Palestinian vernacular under the Zionist colonial occupation, through multidisciplinary archival practices. To problematise the extinction of her hometown’s Arab urbanity, Zain has conducted speculative reconstructions of its urban-communal-memories using digital modelling and rendering software.

Her film “Traversing the Reimagined Palestinian Neighbourhood”, shown at our second Deptford Film Club, acts as a form of cultural restoration in the face of catastrophe, destruction and pain.