How E & R Works


Empathy & Risk draws on a body of international artists, academics and practitioners who work in sites of publicly acknowledged empathetic breakdown – curating responses from within the people, policies and processes of these sites.  The evidence of these interventions will contribute to a body of comparative international research and artwork, and will be aimed at influencing policy decision-making at national and international level.

The Empathy & Risk inquiry prioritises locations which are subject to on-going global interest and influence – places where locals and internationals, individuals and organisations, combatants and civilians, are forced to share contested physical space, often under the intense gaze of the wider world.  The communities identified are ones that are either transitioning into or out of situations of critical empathetic failure.

Empathy & Risk combines independent artist research, artistic responses, curated conversations, combined inquiry, interventions into government and institutional policy-making, Writing, advocating and documenting of inquiries into areas of empathetic failure and escalating risk.