SHAPES Lewisham

SHAPES Lewisham

Project Funder
United Kingdom
29/11/2021 - 28/01/2022

SHAPES Lewisham is a growing network and are continually making new connections with the local creative community.


SHAPES Lewisham is a creative network which was conceived as part of the Creative Enterprise Zone initiative and aims to promote, celebrate and connect the creative community in Lewisham.

Lewisham is home to a vast array of diverse, vibrant and ambitious creatives, existing in many different forms across many disciplines. Each project, practitioner and business is unique with its own distinctive personality, offering something special to our local community. From digital and technology to craft and making, creatives are engaging with important ideas through a variety of different spaces, resources and practices. 

SHAPES Lewisham was conceived with this diversity at its heart and aims to provide a platform upon which a creative community can thrive. Our vision is for creatives to engage with each other, feel supported and be connected.

SHAPES Lewisham is home to a calendar of events, exhibitions and shows, and a board of upcoming jobs and funding opportunities. It also features a directory of sites, workspaces, and a shop that allows customers to discover locally made goods and a forum that opens the network to share industry-based questions and ideas.