Mother Wall

July 12, 2019
The second production within the Thought Curfew trilogy : A performance focussed on a forgotten barrier.


Mother Wall was written and performed for the Ubumuntu Festival of Humanity, Kigali, Rwanda.

1/7 Performance still at Ubumuntu 2019
2/7 Performance publicity image
3/7 Multi-projector calibration at Ubumuntu 2019
4/7 Stage design at Ubumuntu 2019
5/7 Performance still at Ubumuntu 2019
6/7 Performance still at Ubumuntu 2019
7/7 Performance still at Ubumuntu 2019

Mother Wall was an independent production but existed in the same allegorical universe created by Thought Curfew. It explored a parallel short story authored by Cotterrell, which considered a redundant physical border and an enduring perceptual divide

The production continued the collaboration with Ruwanthie de Chickera and Stages Theatre company. It also extended the co-production model between artists, animators, and performers, in this case, the visual space framed and directed the physical presence of the actors in an abstracted but stylistically aligned progression from the Thought Curfew ensemble production.


  • Script : David Cotterrell
  • Director : Ruwanthie de Chickera
  • Actor : Akalanka Prabhashwars
  • Actor : Nadie Kammallaweera
  • Artist/Animator : Ian Gouldstone
  • Sound Artists/Composers: John Avery & Ron Wright
  • Lights Operator: Megan Lang
  • Production Coordinator (Festival): Innocent Munyashuri