David Kew

David Kew

Collaborating Artist & Film-maker
United Kingdom
01/04/2019 - 01/07/2019

David Kew is a documentary and narrative film-maker based in London, UK


David is a documentary film-maker. He studied Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art during which time he travelled extensively in South East Asia where he shot his graduation film The Sakkudei on the island of Siberut.

David has always been attracted to strong issue led drama and directed Life for Daniel (BBC4), a story about a mother’s struggle for control over the treatment of her child, written by Rebecca Hughes. He has also directed Judge John Deed (BBC1) written and produced by G.F. Newman and staring Martin Shaw as well as episodes of StarStreet (children’s drama series for Carlton) and the Channel 4 documentary Living on Water which he also produced.

In recent years he has been actively engaged in the subject of Statelessness and has been a key collaborator with Empathy & Risk.