Cancelled Dialogues

June 16, 2019
The CANCELLED Dialogues, were the third event in series of Empathy & Risk curated conversations.


The Cancelled Dialogues were held as part of the Cancelled Arts Programme devised to coincide with, and intervene within the World Conference on Statelessness held in 2019 at the Museum of Communication, in The Hague, Netherlands.

1/2 Video of curated conversation between John Packer & David Cotterrell by David Kew
2/2 Video extracts from curated conversation between Ruwanthie de Chickera, Manish Harijan, Cynthia Orchard, Rana Bishara & Jawad Fairooz

The CANCELLED Arts Programme took place within the World Conference on Statelessness. It was convened in The Hague, the site of the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Human Rights and over 200 other international governmental organisations.

CANCELLED presented new artworks, initiated an archive for existing art referencing statelessness, and opened the site of the conference to artist interventions. Outside of the closed conference, the CANCELLED Arts Programme convened artist events focusing on the issue of Statelessness within the locality of The Hague. Artists participating in the conference were invited to contribute to the CANCELLED Dialogues – the third set of dialogues under the Empathy & Risk Dialogues series.

The first session, ‘Cancelled Dialogue : Risk’ involved Prof. John Packer in conversation with Prof. David Cotterrell. The conversation, moderated by Ruwanthie de Chickera explored the politics of personal and institutional risk within the issue of Statelessness. 

The second session, ‘Cancelled Dialogue : Identity’ considered identities that exist at the exclusion of others. With artwork as a stimulus for conversation, artists and activists discussed the politics of identities that are defined by cancellation. 


Cancelled Dialogues : Risk Panellists:

  • Prof John Packer – Neuberger-Jesin Professor of International Conflict Resolution in the Faculty of Law, and Director of the Human Rights Research and Education Centre, Ottawa University. 
  • David Cotterrell – Artist, Professor of Fine Art and Director of Culture & Creativity Research Institute.

Cancelled Dialogues : Identity Panellists:

  • Manish Harijan – An artist-in-exile from Nepal, a commissioned artist in the Cancelled arts programme.

  • Cynthia Orchard – International human rights lawyer, policy advocate, researcher, and trainer, with particular expertise in refugee law and statelessness issues.

  • Rana Bishara – Palestinian artist, writer and activist. A commissioned artist in the Cancelled arts programme.

  • Jawad Fairooz – A former Bahraini MP, made stateless after opposing the government. Chairman of Salam for Democracy and Human Rights. 

The events were moderated by Ruwanthie de Chickera, filmed by David Kew and supported by Sheffield Hallam University and the Global Challenge Research Fund.