All-Party Parliamentary Group

January 24, 2017
Presentation to the House of Commons as part the APPG Inquiry into Building Resilience to Radicalisation in MENA


The fourth formal evidence session invited expert witnesses to look specifically at the role of Arts and Culture in building resilience to radicalisation in MENA. The event took place House of Commons, UK Parliament.



Published report based on the APPG evidence and analysis


Minutes of the evidence presented to the APPG

1/1 APPG on Prevention of Violent Extremism within the MENA region.

The fourth formal evidence session focussed on the role of Arts and Culture in building resilience to radicalisation in MENA. Experts and organisations working in the areas of Arts and Culture considered the role of artists, the contribution that arts and creativity can make to the fight against radicalisation, and the role of Arts and Culture in the political sphere of this question. Expert witnesses also explored the role art and culture can play in strengthening civil society and building individual and community resistance.

Why it is important to involve and support the sectors of arts and culture, what are the current projects and strategies being used to build resilient individuals and communities, and how they are evaluating their impact. The session will continue to build on some of the concepts, definitions, and insights into the MENA region which were explored in the previous sessions, and what constitutes a resilient individual and society. Where should the focus be when building resilience – individuals, societies, or structures? Particularly when faced with very poor circumstances. What opportunities and spaces do arts and culture create, where difficult current realities can be explored at a distance and therefore more safely? Can this help towards reducing the radicalisation of individuals and societies.

The session was designed to inform the committee members of wider evidence being carried out in MENA (with any reference to relevant global case studies), using examples of successful initiatives and insights from the ground.


Witnesses attending:

Dr Bernadette Buckley, Convenor, MA Art and Politics, Goldsmiths, University of London.

Prof David Cotterrell, Professor of Fine Art, Director of Research and Development, College of Arts and Humanities, University of Brighton.

Stephen Stenning , Director Culture and Development, British Council .

Lois Stonock, Independent Researcher, Curator and Cultural Strategist, Founder, LR Stonock Consultancy and Create Associates.