June 16, 2017 - June 17, 2017
A short festival of theater, music, fine arts and anarchy as a humble response to the tragedy of Brexit.


Staged over two days at Kabinet Muz in Czech Republic. Produced by Standard Island with support from the city of Brno and the Faculty of Fine Arts at Brno University of Technology (FAVU).



Festival Flyer

1/2 Sean Dower performing, DRUMS AND LIGHT!!! at Breturn
2/2 A short video documenting the Breturn festival

As a pilot (in the hope of greater things to come),Kabinet Múz is hosted a weekend of cultural imports from the sorry state of Britain.

Variably conceived as “A Love Letter to Europe” and “A festival of Love and Hope”, The organisers have settled on an eclectic list of extraordinary artists and performers to trailblaze a path for future collaboration. United through the beginnings of their names, the cities of Brno and Brighton have sought to show solidarity over division and champion love over hate.

BreTurn welcomed Artists who have stepped out of their comfort zones in order to Find new languages, challenge assumptions or simply to learn new things.

NASA and Music, art and war, film, photography, new media, interactive installations
joined with Kabinet Múz as Prodigal children, uneasy bedfellows and welcome companions.


Curator/Lead Artist: David Cotterrell; Participating Artists: Lewis Sherlock, Rose Butler, Sara Bjornsdottir, Sukie Smith, Sean Dower, Luke Pendrell

Producers: Standard Island (Tomas Mensik, Katerina Kelarova); Academic Partner: FAVU

Venue: Kabinet Muz; Event Host: Ivory Rodriguez