Curfews of Thought

December 20, 2020
A chapter reflecting on the collaborative development of Thought Curfew and other productions.


A chapter contributed to The Routledge Companion to Applied Performance provides an in-depth, far-reaching and provocative consideration of how scholars and artists negotiate the theoretical, historical and practical politics of applied performance, both in the academy and beyond.

These volumes offer insights from within and beyond the sphere of English-speaking scholarship, curated by regional experts in applied performance. The reader will gain an understanding of some of the dominant preoccupations of performance in specified regions, enhanced by contextual framing. From the dis(h)arming of the human body through dance in Colombia to clowning with dementia in Australia, via challenges to violent nationalism in the Balkans, transgender performance in Pakistan and resistance rap in Kashmir, the essays, interviews and scripts are eloquent testimony to the courage and hope of people who believe in the power of art to renew the human spirit.



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Over years of developing a practice around devised theatre, Ruwanthie de Chickera came to love the act of faith which requires one to step out of the way and allow for the story which needs to emerge, to emerge.

In this chapter de Chickera examines three plays devised with Sri Lankan casts during the immediate post-war period (2009 – 2019).  Having worked on all these plays, something that struck her was that somehow, in the pursuit of these plays, while the artists thought they were creating one story, another story got told.  Sometimes in addition to the story pursued.  Sometimes in spite of it.


Author: Ruwanthie de Chickera


Tim Prentki, Ananda Breed




470 pages